• Assent’s Vendor Management Solution

    Streamlined Supply Chain Data Management for Today’s Global Marketplace

A Software Solution for Vendor Management Challenges

The Assent Compliance Platform employs a comprehensive approach to supply chain data management, going beyond traditional vendor management software by helping companies gather, organize and manage their data to satisfy internal policy requirements and external regulatory requirements. Companies are able to leverage this data to meet information security standards, country of origin requirements and ensure suppliers adhere to code of conduct requirements.

Enhanced Supply Chain Transparency & Data Management Through Automation

The Assent Compliance Platform helps companies streamline their communication processes and vendor management systems. Companies benefit from automated email send outs, communication campaigns, and data collection and management. With Assent, companies centralize information and mitigate operational, reputational and financial risk through increased transparency in their supply chain operations — enabling precision auditing and reporting to ensure unrestricted access to the global marketplace.

Assent’s Vendor Management Modules

Assent’s Vendor Management software solution is comprised of product modules to collect and manage supply chain data related to:

And more!

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