• Manufacturing Data & Analysis Services

    Efficiently Respond to Customer Supply Chain Data Requests

The Importance of
Manufacturing Data & Analysis

Manufacturers are responsible for collecting and managing a vast amount of data on the products they build for their customers. These requirements are often built into contracts, and can require a significant investment of time and resources to complete.

Assent’s extensive supplier and parts database, and our industry-leading platform solution, enables manufacturers to respond to customer requests efficiently and effectively. Through automation and a platform approach to supply chain data management, we empower manufacturers to focus resources on building their products.

Manufacturing Data
& Analysis Services

Find out more about your manufacturing data requirements and how Assent can help you manage them more efficiently.

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Assent’s Manufacturing Data & Analysis Services Include:

Bill of materials data gathering and analysis program to assess REACH, RoHS and conflict mineral compliance status

Data collection using best manufacturing practices

24/7 multilingual support

Managed services to contact suppliers for non-readily available data

Production of status reports detailing material compliance part status information

How Assent Helps Manufacturers

Streamlined supply chain data collection and management processes to quickly fulfill customer requests

Access to Assent's subject matter experts on regulations such as REACH, RoHS, conflict mineral legislation and others

Multilingual supplier engagement specialists

24/7 online support

Easier reporting of non-compliant vendors, allowing for targeted escalations

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