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What Is the Corporate Social Responsibility Suite?

As part of the Assent Compliance Platform, the Corporate Social Responsibility Suite is an intelligent software solution that helps companies to streamline and automate their corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs. The suite of products is comprised of modules to aid companies in complying with various regulations concerning conflict minerals, human rights, anti-bribery anti-corruption and sustainability. The Corporate Social Responsibility Suite ensures companies are able to comply with these regulations and due diligence requirements, as well as educate and communicate with their suppliers with ease.

Benefits of the CSR Suite for Companies

The CSR Suite enables companies to manage every aspect of their responsible sourcing programs more efficiently. Ethical sourcing and due diligence requirements are constantly evolving. In order to protect their reputation and ensure uninterrupted market access, as well as avoid potential legal ramifications, companies need a solution that fits their needs.

What Modules Are in the CSR Suite?

The Corporate Social Responsibility Suite is comprised of product modules for a variety of regulations in the areas of:

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