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    Access comprehensive educational resources to better understand your business and regulatory requirements,
    and how to build your programs to mitigate supply chain risk effectively.

Assent provides thorough training courses and learning paths to both clients and their suppliers through the Assent University learning management system (LMS). We ensure you have all the information, training and tools you need to implement your data management programs through the Assent Compliance Platform. These courses will demonstrate how to best use our product, help you understand the regulations that impact your business and outline what you must do to meet your regulatory and supply chain data requirements.

Your Assent University LMS credentials are sent via email within seven days of your company activating your Assent account, however, you can request these credentials again at any time.

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Choose Your Pathway

Once you have access to the Assent University LMS, you can select the learning pathway that best describes your role. This will enable us to provide relevant and informative courses that are best suited to your needs. If you have not received your credentials, and it has been longer than seven days since your company’s Assent account was activated, you may request access through the link above. If you are an Assent client, contact your Customer Success Manager with any questions or concerns.

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Reporting Only

You must interpret data collection response rates and access quick summaries of your collected data so you can assess program progress.

What’s Included

20–30 Minutes

This pathway introduces you to the Assent Compliance Manager and demonstrates how to download reports for analysis. Enhance your understanding of reports with specialized courses in customer requests or supplier details. You will learn how to best use reports to provide the details you need and structure reports to maximize relevancy.

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Data Program Manager

You are involved in administering your company’s data collection program. You manage correspondence to suppliers, including data requests and interpret response data to analyze program results.

What’s Included

155–205 Minutes

The data program manager pathway introduces users to the Assent Compliance Manager and provides foundational information to demonstrate how to best leverage reports, custom fields and business rules to maximize program efficiency. Users receive detailed instruction pertaining to supplier outreach, document uploading, report analysis and more.

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Supplier Engagement Resource

You support suppliers in their efforts to provide the documentation your company is requesting and are the main point of contact for their questions or concerns.

What’s Included

145-175 minutes

This learning pathway familiarizes users focused on supplier engagement with the Assent Compliance Manager. You will receive instruction on how to best download and configure your reports, track supplier feedback, upload supplier documentation, provide supplier training resources and more.

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You interpret collected supply chain data to make design decisions. You require quick access to supplier or product response statuses and may need to review supporting documents provided by suppliers.

What’s Included

135-175 minutes

This pathway provides essential information regarding the Assent Compliance Manager and the features that enable clients to quickly analyze critical information. Learn how to quickly search for supplier statuses and part or product details, as well as create notifications within the manager, so you can respond to data immediately.

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Receive hands-on instruction from an Assent representative during a guided training session. They will walk you through several processes and provide you with the foundation you need to excel.

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Assent provides comprehensive support to both our customers and their suppliers. Visit our help center to receive answers to common questions, access more learning materials or contact a support team member.

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